Professional Battery Jumpstart Service by A&J Towing

It’s every driver’s worst nightmare to have a car that dies in the middle of the road. Imagine sitting in traffic waiting for your turn to move, then suddenly the car powers off and loses function. Now, you may cause more congestion on the path instead. Not only is this an inconvenient incident, but it’s also highly stressful.

There should be nearby services that help in jumpstarting the battery of your car. However, what happens if you don’t have help near your stop? A more terrible nightmare than an unmoving car is having no reliable services catering to an efficient and urgent battery jumpstart. Prepare to contact your workmates about missing work for the rest of the half-day.

What is a battery jumpstart?

A battery jumpstart is a power boost for cars in case the battery dies or loses charge. The boost serves as an alternative procedure to start the motor of vehicles. So, for example, if a car suddenly powers off and has a dead battery, another car’s battery can act as an alternative power source via connected jumper cables.

The connection transfers the temporary amount of energy to the battery and gives more power to start the car. Once the vehicle starts, the other vehicle can stop the jumpstart and disconnect the cables. The immobile vehicle may not always power right away on the first try. It’s best to keep trying or to leave the batteries for a couple of minutes before trying to turn on the vehicle.

Other power sources can help jumpstart a battery. If you have a portable car battery saved in cases of emergencies, it can serve as the alternate power source. There are also portable jump box sets available for purchase. Portable and multifunctional jump starters are also available to help jumpstart a dead battery and power on other devices.

Battery Jumpstart

What causes a battery to stop working?

Fortunately, there are many methods to resurrect a dead battery and power on a vehicle. However, what is the reasons why the battery suddenly dies?

Old age

Batteries, like people and animals, age as well. Nothing lasts forever, and this includes the battery life and condition of your car battery. Most batteries have a lifespan of 5 years, but it always lessens due to other factors. The average often falls between 3 to 4 years of use. Anyway, don’t forget to leave a future reminder to change the battery on your car visor.

Extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures and weather conditions affect the performance of the battery. High temperatures affect the conductivity and battery liquid which shortens the life of the car battery. On the other hand, lower temperatures require more power from the battery to cope with the current temperature conditions.

Battery corrosion

Battery corrosion is common on the terminals of the battery. The gradual destruction of the terminals prevents the battery from giving power to the vehicle. Thus, the life span of the battery shortens until it doesn’t function properly anymore. The damage from corrosion impairs the battery parts to work.

Poor driving habits

If you are the type of driver who wastes many resources while driving, don’t expect the battery to hold out too long. If you park for long periods, leave the headlights on, or leave the vehicle unused for months, the charge in the battery is prone to depletion. Car batteries need time to recharge after depletion. It’s always best to drive for more than an hour to give the battery time to recharge.

DIY battery jumpstart vs. Professional battery jumpstart: which is better?

Now, when you’re in the middle of the road with nowhere to turn, what’s better, DIY a jumpstart or wait for help to arrive?

If you can’t wait for services to arrive, the best bet is always to contact somebody you know and jumpstart the batteries next to each other. However, there are risks to doing a DIY jumpstart with another vehicle since you deal with voltages and charges.

It’s easy to have overloaded jumper cables with resulting explosions. It’s always a risk to get electric shocks if you do things wrong.

Professional services offer roadside assistance and can provide the best ways and methods to jumpstart your battery. The only risk is the time you can spare to wait for professionals to arrive at the scene. If you are in a hurry, you may force yourself to take the risk and jumpstart your vehicle by yourself.

There’s no price to safety, and it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. It’s best to wait for services than potentially damage your ride and put yourself in danger.

Where can you get a battery jumpstart?

There is always help around town, so get your mobile phone out and contact some numbers. One quick web search can reveal a lot of nearby automobile services. A dead battery or low car battery is a common occurrence anywhere. With millions of mobile vehicles that rely on battery packs to start, there’s always the chance of experiencing an immobile car on the road.

Who can you call for a battery jumpstart?

You don’t need to worry as we offer our works to you. We are A&J Towing, and we are here to give you the jumpstart that you need. If you need experts who can get to you in no time, we are the team for you.

Our team offers services to help you replace your car battery, jumpstart your car, and ensure that you have a safe ride in a few moments. Our roadside assistance service is mainly about the necessary battery jumpstart in the middle of nowhere.

We are also available 24/7 for concerns that run around the clock. These emergencies happen anytime, and a car battery can’t choose a time to deplete, except when it’s most inconvenient to you. Don’t worry, as we are on standby to give you fast, efficient, and urgent service any time of the day.

We are A&J Towing, and you can call us at (559) 500 1630. We will pick your call at any time.