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Owning a car nowadays is not as easy as it was before. Upon choosing your car and getting car insurance, one of the offers that a company will ask is if you would want roadside assistance. It’s a common question that most people ignore. However, when driving a car, it’s important to be reminded that accidents tend to happen when driving on a road, especially when using a car.

In an accident, no one wants to be in a life-threatening situation where they would need to call professionals to get help. Whenever this occurs, it is better to know about the advantages of having some form of assistance in case of an emergency like car insurance, and roadside assistance.


What is roadside assistance?

When deciding to get insurance, roadside assistance will be offered as an extra safety measure besides financial assistance from insurance. This kind of assistance is given for emergency cases that would involve the need for a tow truck, as well as assistance to fix the damaged car after an accident.

Roadside assistance near me services, otherwise known as a roadside cover, is an add-on service that companies provide to provide the professional assistance needed for emergencies in any form, like when a car suddenly breaks down anywhere like in the middle of the road or even in a dirt track.

When your insurance has this add-on and you and your car get in an accident, the company can be contacted to provide the assistance needed for the person and the car after the accident. They will provide all that is needed depending on the accident.

How to get roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is a common service that a lot of companies offer to their clients. That is why it is available while purchasing a new car, or even when applying for insurance.

Companies that offer car repairs or towing services also offer this kind of assistance because they are the ones who are most likely going to repair the damages that a car has after an accident.

These are the basic benefits of roadside assistance near me service:

Although no one wants to be in an accident just to get these benefits, it is still better to know your rights after agreeing to have a roadside cover.

  1.   Towing

One of the most common accidents that happen to cars is the car having a mechanical breakdown. The cars that experience this are those who travel on dirt roads, long distances for days on end, and those who travel to the point of overheating the engine.

When this happens, the company can be called and requested to provide a tow truck to go to the area. The truck will then help take the car to the nearest accident repair shop, and get everything fixed immediately.

  1.   Battery jumpstart

Some drivers overlook the battery of their car. That is why when the battery suddenly stops due to a dead battery, roadside assistance is a great help. They can send someone to help jumpstart the car, then easily bring it to the nearest battery dealer and replace the old battery of that car with a new one.

  1.   Tire replacement

Flat tires are common, especially if in rocky places where the roads are not concrete. In an incident where there are no spare tires, or if the owner has no idea how to change them, then roadside assistance is useful. A person will be sent to help replace the car’s tires and make sure that all the other tires have no further damage.

  1.   Vehicle removal

Living near the mountains or a bridge can lead to driving near a slope where a car can get stuck. A tow truck with a strong enough crane is needed to help it get out. Trying to drive away from a hole or from a position where a car could fall is dangerous. That is why roadside assistance must be called immediately to let professionals use their trucks to hoist the car up.

  1.   Fuel delivery services

As a driver, there are times, especially when driving for long distances, when the fuel tank might get emptied even before you get close enough to a gas station. No one wants to sit around and look for a car to hitch a ride in and leave their car unattended just to get gas.

Roadside assistance is a service that would allow someone from the company to be sent to provide the needed fuel to get to the nearest gas station to refill the tank. However, you have to pay for the cost of fuel because it’s not covered.

  1.   Locksmith services

In an incident where the car key is lost but left inside the car, no one wants to break the car window to get it back. That’s why a professional locksmith will be sent to make sure the car won’t be damaged upon retrieval of the key, or in some cases, a key replacement if the key is gone. However, it is up to the company if they will cover the expenses of the locksmith’s services and transportation.

Aside from all of these basic benefits, getting roadside assistance is like getting a special button on your phone that can help with any car-related problems in the future. That is why getting roadside assistance immediately for safety and assistance purposes is a must.

Call A & J Towing for roadside assistance

Accidents happen at the least expected moments. That is why roadside services are always offered twenty-four hours. This is a service that many companies have to make sure that their team of professionals will be able to go to the one requesting their services.

There have been a lot of reports in Fresno concerning these situations that need roadside assistance. Getting roadside assistance in Fresno means people can be at peace knowing that if anything happens, there will be a service that will assist clients and their cars.

That is why those located here in Fresno go directly to A&J Towing and get Roadside Assistance – A&J Towing services for emergencies. They don’t just do towing for stuck vehicles; they also provide multiple services like roadside assistance to help you in times of need.

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